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Disposable Skin Stapler,Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler

Disposable Skin Stapler,Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler

Surgical Stapler Description

Elevate your surgical practices with the quality and performance of Lookmed's Disposable Skin Stapler. Embrace precision, embrace safety, and redefine excellence in wound closure.

Proprietary technology: ZL200920233463.7

A sterile, single patient use instrument designed to deliver rectangular, stainless steel staples for routine wound closure.

Improved kick-off spring design for multi-directional release;

Alignment indicator improves visibility;


Model Size(mm) Nail(pc) Packing LMPF-W 7.5*4.5 15,25,35 10 Pcs /1 Box 10 Boxes/1 Carton LMPF-Remover 7.0*4.0 / 30 Pcs/ Box, 10Box/Carton


Key Features:


♦Advanced Design: Our Disposable Skin Stapler is engineered with a sophisticated design that facilitates seamless and precise wound closure. Its ergonomic construction ensures ease of use for surgeons, enhancing procedural efficiency.

♦Sterile Assurance: We understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile environment in surgical settings. Our Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler is individually packaged and sterilized, meeting the highest medical standards for infection control.

♦Versatile Application: Whether you're performing minor outpatient procedures or complex surgeries, our skin stapler adapts to various wound types and sizes. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool across a wide range of medical disciplines.

♦Reliable Closure: Achieve consistent and reliable wound closure with our surgical skin stapler. The staple formation is designed to minimize tissue trauma while securely holding wound edges together, promoting faster healing.

♦Ease of Use: Our medical stapler is intuitively designed to provide medical professionals with a user-friendly experience. Quick and efficient staple deployment ensures reduced procedural time and enhanced patient outcomes.

♦Quality Assurance: Lookmed is dedicated to providing premium healthcare solutions. Our Disposable Skin Stapler undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets stringent industry standards, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.


Disposable Skin Stapler Applications:


Routine wound closure

Application: Operating Rome, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department, Veterinary, Animal science

Lookmed's Disposable Skin Stapler is more than just a medical tool; it's a testament to precision, safety, and innovation. Experience the confidence that comes with utilizing a reliable surgical skin stapler, purpose-built for enhancing patient care and clinical outcome


Disposable Skin Stapler Packaging & Delivery


Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: 75*28*44 cm

Gross weight: 10.5 KGS

Package Type: 10 pcs / box, 10 boxes / carton

Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 500 >500 Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated


Whether you're a surgeon, healthcare provider, or medical institution, our Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler is a valuable addition to your medical toolkit. Trust Lookmed to deliver the cutting-edge medical supplies you need for successful surgical interventions.





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