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Do you know tjcy professional chemicals suppliers?

TJCY, your trusted professional chemicals supplier. We are actively committed to providing comprehensive chemical solutions, including five major series of products: industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, food/feed additives, personal care, and agricultural chemicals.


[Professional wisdom, accurate procurement]


Backed by professional knowledge, we have an experienced procurement team focused on selecting the most suitable suppliers for our customers. We understand the elements of successful collaboration and value professional guidance, knowledge transfer and service excellence. Based on these value orientations, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions.


[Strict quality, guaranteed reputation]


Quality is our ongoing commitment. All major products are sampled and qualified by our strict quality control department. Through long-term and stable relationships with suppliers, our supplier qualification system complies with the review and approval of ISO, GMP, EHS, FSSC and other quality standards, providing you with credible quality assurance.


[Global warehousing network, timely delivery]


Our warehouses are located in Xingang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Breda and Toledo to ensure timely delivery. One-stop service, from procurement to delivery, we have our support throughout the entire process.


[Compliance support, worry-free market]


Not only do we comply with local market regulatory requirements, we can also assist you with USFDA, ANVISA and MAPA registrations. The RA team provides full support to ensure your products are compliant in the market.


Choosing TJCY is a wise choice for professionalism, quality and trust. We will provide solid services for your business and help you stand out in the fierce market competition.





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