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Your Position: Home - Home Appliances - FAQs about Air Chambers

FAQs about Air Chambers

Q: What is an air chamber?

A: An air chamber, also known as a water hammer arrestor or water hammer cushion, is a plumbing device used to mitigate the effects of water hammer in a plumbing system. It consists of a vertical pipe that contains a pocket of air, which acts as a shock absorber to absorb the pressure surge caused by the sudden stoppage or change in direction of water flow.


Q: What is water hammer?

A: Water hammer refers to the loud banging or hammering sound that can occur in plumbing pipes when the flow of water is suddenly stopped or changed direction. It happens due to the rapid deceleration of water, resulting in a pressure spike that travels through the pipes and causes vibrations and noise.

Vulcanized Air Chambers Twin Extra Large

Vulcanized Air Chambers Twin Extra Large


Q: How does an air chamber work?

A: An air chamber works by providing a cushion of air that absorbs the shock caused by water hammer. When water flow is suddenly stopped or redirected, the kinetic energy of the moving water is dissipated as it compresses the air in the chamber. The air acts as a shock absorber, reducing the pressure surge and minimizing the likelihood of pipe vibrations and noise.


Q: Where are air chambers installed?

A: Air chambers are typically installed at the ends of long pipe runs or near fixtures with quick-closing valves, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and faucets. They are commonly placed vertically, with the top portion of the pipe filled with air and the lower portion filled with water.

Bed Air Chamber

Bed Air Chamber


Q: What are the benefits of using air chambers?

A: The main benefit of using air chambers is the prevention of water hammer, which can cause pipe damage, leaks, and noise issues. By absorbing the pressure surge, air chambers help protect the plumbing system from stress, reducing the likelihood of pipe failure and extending the lifespan of the pipes. They also contribute to a quieter plumbing system by minimizing the vibrations and noise associated with water hammer.


Q: Do air chambers require maintenance?

A: Over time, air chambers can lose their effectiveness due to air absorption by the water or accumulation of sediment. Periodic maintenance may be required to recharge the air chambers by draining the water and refilling them with air. It's recommended to consult a plumbing professional to ensure proper maintenance and functioning of air chambers in a plumbing system.





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