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Your Position: Home - Machinery - How Does a Wire Straightener Work?

How Does a Wire Straightener Work?

Author: CC

Aug. 24, 2023


Working in a construction site, you will be dealing with a lot of excess scrap materials. Most of these are from cutting metals, rebars and wires. You may think that after it is cut, all of these are considered as waste and a loss but thinking outside the box, it can actually still be usable and you can even earn money from these scrap wire material. One way of making use of these bent scrap wire is allowing it to pass the wire straightening machine wherein it your desirable straightness will be achieved.

Manual wire straightener machine


Most of these straightening machine looks differently, but the components of the machine actually are the same and present to all.


ㆍSingle of Dual Rollers (which there also different grove design)

ㆍAdjustable Screw for Rollers (to adjust the tightness)

ㆍFeeder (where you let the bent wire in)


How do you use the wire straightening machine?


ㆍFirst is to know the diameter of your wire and use the roller size and the number of rollers required for the said bent wire. Optional: if the machine has different groove style, you can also use it depending on your desire.

ㆍNext, now that you have attached the rollers, adjust the tightness of the rollers using the screw that you can see on top of the machine. The roller size have different weight which the tightness of these roller will affect the bending process.

ㆍNow that you have adjust the necessary tightness, the number of rollers and the required roller size, feed the bent wire into the machine. As you feed the bent wire in the wire straightening machine, it will pass through the rollers, where it will be applied with the different weight, and through its spinning mechanism, pushes it out the straightening machine.

ㆍWith the result, you can check if it is your desired straightness of the wire. If not, pass it through the wire straightening machine until you have achieved the desired straightness of the wire.

ㆍDo it to the remaining scrap wire.


This wire straightening machine can accommodate wires with 2 to 5 mm in diameter and has a speed of greater or equal to 28m/ min. The power required for this wire straightening machine is 3kW.


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