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Your Position: Home - Beauty & Personal Care - How To Do Cat Eye Gel Nails?

How To Do Cat Eye Gel Nails?

There are lots of methods to do nail art, from henna to gel polish. Manicure designs have actually developed from strong colors at the starting to palette shades to floral and diamond-encrusted prints as well as now cat eyes, all catering to the needs of females. Cat eye manicures are a popular design and also many women pick to have cat eye manicures in nail shops. How is cat eye manicure made? RONIKI tells you.

Step 1: The disinfectant first decontaminates the consumer's hands.

Step 2: Very carefully observe whether the consumer's hands have recurring nail polish adhesive and also remove clean.

Step 3: Anti-bacterial finger skin push and finger skin scissors.

Step 4: Press the finger skin in a circle, each step must start from the left pinky.

Step 5: Do not remove the finger skin on the pull finger skin.

Step 6: Forming the nails. Ask the consumer what shape and length the nails need to be.

Step 7: Polish, as well as scrub the nail surface area, make sure to sculpt and also grind in place, or nail backside, is simple to weird!

Step 8: Use a thin layer of guide over the nail.

Step 9: Put your hand in the LED light for one minute.

Step 10: Use the very first layer of cat eye polish to your nails.

Step 11: Place your hand in the LED light for 30 secs.

Step 12: In besmear 2 times cat eye nail oil glue does not shine the light, magnetic attraction with magic is placed on fingernail above 1 centimeter tall, do not touch fingernail over ok, put 10 seconds to be able to show up a cat eye line.

Step 13: Put your hand in the LED light for one minute.

Step 14: Use a finishing of adhesive to the nail body.

Step 15: Place your hand in the LED light for 90 seconds.

Step 16: Dip the cotton sheet into a gel cleanser as well as comb the floating adhesive on the nail surface area.

Step 17: Sterilize the towels and wipe the client's hands.

Step 18: Use finger edge significance to the nail backside and massage therapy to aid absorption.

These are the steps and methods for Laser Cat Eye Gel Polish manicures in nail shops. Cat eye manicures can additionally be done in your home. Get your own cat eye polish and also some necessary nail polish tools and make them in the house.

How to make your own cat eye nail art at home?

Step 1. Prepare all the necessary nail polish and tools in advance. First, apply a coat of nail polish on all nails to make them last longer. Brush and leave to dry.

Step 2. Apply a thin layer of nail polish first. Let the first layer dry and then brush on a layer to deepen the nail color, so that the nail color is more full.

Step 3. Next, apply a layer of cat's eye gel, so that the nails show the state of the sky full of stars.

Step 4. Take out a magnet and place it on the nail surface to start sucking out the cat's eye gel, forming a galaxy and leaving it to dry. (Be sure not to let the magnet touch the nail surface)

Step 5. After the cat's eye glue is dry, start to paste small colored diamonds as decoration, of course, the drill paste method can be a personal preference to paste.

Step 6. Finally, all nails will be painted with a sealer, this cat eye nail from the Milky Way is complete.


Are you tired of the plain and boring cat's eye? RONIKI will bring you a new and attractive cat eye glue, with high density magnetic powder, so that you can easily make beautiful cat eye effect! Don't hesitate to try our free samples now!


RONIKI focuses on the production of nail products and nail polish, if you need them, you can go to the website to learn about them. Today we would like to present the display of our RONIKI crystal cat eye gel.It can work with any color base. Simply use the magnet stick to get the effect. The effect changes with different angle and light. RONIKI gel is made of natural resin, healthy ingredients, low smell and non-toxic.





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