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The complete guide on your LED Traffic Sign purchasing

Author: Morgan

Jun. 24, 2024

The complete guide on your LED Traffic Sign purchasing

Here is Chainzone tech., we want you to make informed decision before purchasing with us, that&#;s why we have supplied you with a LED Traffic Sign guide to help make that decision.

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You know, there are many types of LED display in the market, for the application purpose, they&#;re divided into two types in general, one is Advertising purpose, another is Safety purpose. And LED Traffic Sign has been used for displaying traffic or traffic related information (such as weather, mapping, road condition) on the road, to greatly avoid traffic accident, increase transport effectiveness, ensure safety of road users. So the display information be delivered clear and legible at anytime is critical.

In EN Standard, the strictest technical standard of road safety products from EU, it has pointed out that optical performance (Luminance/Contrast Ratio/Color/Beam width) is the bench mark for legibility of VMS products. In our experience, the design of products especially the structure should be considered well before you take purchasing action, for example, in traditional design, LED has been protected by PC cover, if like that, it might occurs high reflection under a strong sunlight. Or you may see the VMS design that has visor on top of the LED, which has been used for improve contrast ratio, at the same time, it also easy to collect dusts or snows after a long time use, that might occurs another budget for labor maintenance within a short period.

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To avoid those problems, we have come up with a solution that adopting "SMD + Optical lens" design, to protect LED as well as improve contrast ratio, also no preventive maintenance is required because the ball-shaped optical lens design can do &#; self-cleaning &#; easily by wind or rain. Currently, this new solution has been applied in hundreds of projects over the world, if you meet the case, I would like to be your potential helper friend.

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Industry News

When acquiring a new outdoor LED display, it's crucial to look beyond the upfront investment and consider factors like maintenance costs and your marketing strategy, as they impact the overall cost-effectiveness of the purchase. One key aspect to weigh is the anticipated lifespan of your outdoor LED sign. LED technology empowers robust, enduring signs that consistently deliver vibrant displays for an extended period. To better understand the expected lifespan of an outdoor LED sign and discover strategies for preserving your display, delve into the insights provided in this overview. Standard Outdoor LED Lifespan Most outdoor LED digital signage displays last an average of 100,000 hours. This translates to about 10 years of operation. However, this estimate assumes that your LED sign will be operating at full power every hour of the day. In practice, the majority of outdoor LED signs do not consistently run their diodes at maximum brightness. For instance, if your LED display operates overnight, it's probable that you'll run it at a lower brightness level than during daylight hours, resulting in the sign not constantly operating at full power. Implementing strategies such as using darker colors for text or images, displaying the sign at reduced brightness, and considering other factors can extend the lifespan of your display beyond the standard estimate of 100,000 hours. How and When You Use Your Display Matters The projected lifespan of your outdoor LED digital dispaly is contingent on the content you showcase and the frequency of display. A sign operating solely during regular business hours is likely to have a longer lifespan compared to signs illuminated continuously 24/7. Additionally, the choice of color impacts the longevity of the diodes. For instance, white light necessitates full power from the red, green, and blue LEDs. Conversely, darker colors consume less power, resulting in a slower depletion of the diodes. Ventilation Pre

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