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What are the benefits of trampoline socks?

Author: wenzhang1

Jun. 10, 2024

Why Should Your Kids Wear Trampoline Socks? -

Hopping onto a trampoline without proper footwear is an accident waiting to happen. You may think regular socks or bare feet will do the trick, but trampoline socks are essential safety gear for any jumper. Trampolining puts a lot of stress on your feet and ankles as you bounce, jump and somersault. Ordinary socks simply won&#;t cut it &#; they don&#;t provide the grip and protection you need.

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Trampoline socks, on the other hand, are specially designed for the job. They are made of breathable yet durable material, with grips on the soles to keep you firmly planted on the mat. This means you can focus on perfecting that double front flip without worrying about slipping or irritation. Trampoline socks also help absorb impact, reducing the stress on your joints.

In this blog, we will learn in detail why your kids should wear trampoline socks while bouncing on a trampoline.

Why must wear trampoline socks(jump zone socks) in ...

It is very necessary to wear professional non-slip trampoline socks in the trampoline park.

Why must wear Trampoline socks (jump zone socks)&#;

1. Why can't you wear sports shoes

Sports shoes can provide proper support for your feet and ankles, but you can&#;t bend your feet properly so that you don&#;t jump so high, and you don&#;t feel the trampoline surface under your feet, and the hard soles of sports shoes will also be stronger. Quickly wear the surface of the trampoline.

2. Why can't you be barefoot

Although our feet all have natural non-slip soles, barefoot jumping helps strengthen your foot muscles. But, can you imagine everyone walking barefoot in the trampoline gym? Once you smell foot odor in some interesting facilities, you may ask yourself "How often does the trampoline hall be cleaned, disinfected, or deodorized?" Everyone has different hygiene standards. Jumping barefoot and walking on sweaty surfaces is quite disgusting. If you accidentally scratch the soles of your feet while walking, it is a bacterial infection.

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3. Trampoline socks (jump zone socks) make trampoline exercise safer

Ordinary daily sports socks are dangerous on smooth trampoline surfaces. Even some gym socks with "dots" on the soles may not provide enough grip to ensure safe jumping. Ordinary cotton socks will wear out quickly as they continue to fall on a firm and tight irregular surface.

Trampoline socks (jump zone socks) contain cotton, nylon, Lycra, and rubber soles specially designed for trampolines. They have a very good positioning effect on the trampoline. When you need it most, they can increase the grip and traction on the edge of the trampoline. When you bounce on a trampoline, you can control the direction well. The extra grip has a great influence on jumping and trying new skills. Trampoline socks also help in the traction on the spring floor and smooth concrete floor facilities. The bed and tumbling track (black poly bed) also play a very good effect.

When you go to the trampoline park, be sure to wear professional jump zone socks, not only for personal safety but also to make you more comfortable playing in the trampoline park.

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